Everything You Need To Know About Weaves, Clip-ins, and Wigs
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Weaves, Clip-ins, and Wigs

Are you confused about the difference between weaves, clip-ins, extensions, and weaves? You are not alone. For those new to the world of add-on hair solutions, choosing the right type for your desired looking can be daunting. Read on the discover the differences.

Everybody is rocking hair extensions. Whether that be in the form of weaves, clip-ins, or wigs. Extensions are in and they are a fun way to switch up your look, so why not give them a try.

That being said the verbiage that comes along with wearing extensions can be confusing. Like what’s the difference between weave and clip-ins, or a lace-front and a lace-frontal, or what’s even the difference between synthetic hair and human. Well, look no further because we will cover all the things that have to do with hair extensions.

Author: BRIANNA IMANI |Jan 2, 2020

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