Hair wigs have been (and still are) all the rage

Hair wigs have been (and still are) all the rage

Hair wigs have been popular for centuries as women and men utilize them for fashion, to cover hair loss, or just for fun. What is affecting the most recent trends in wigs and hair accessories, keep reading to find out!

Though high-profile celebrities tend to don wigs on the red carpet and in music videos, wigs have a long history throughout time, for all types of people. They’ve been around as early as Ancient Egypt, were worn throughout the Elizabethan Era and are still making headlines in 2020.

Some historical examples

Ancient Egyptians shaved their heads due to the country’s hot weather, and wigs denoted wealth, social status and religious piety. The most expensive models that were worn by pharaohs and queens, as reported by the PBS documentary series Articulate, were made with human hair and beeswax, and decorated with gold pleats, beads and ribbon.

What’s responsible for this recent boom?

Article written by Erin DeGregorio

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