How to Style a Wig: The Best Tips, Tricks, and Products

How to Style a Wig

Unsure of how to style a wig? We are here to help! Wigs are definitely having a moment right now and, NGL, I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened sooner. Think about it: Wigs are so damn versatile. Depending on the type of wig you choose, you can cut it, curl it, or color it so that it fits your vibe. Plus, they’re a great protective style option—wigs cover your natural hair from any potential damage, while still giving you the freedom to experiment with all types of looks. 

How to Style a Wig

But before you go in on your wig, a few ground rules need to be established. That’s why I reached out to Brittany Johnson, hairstylist, and senior content manager for Mayvenn Hair, to run us through exactly how to style a wig without ruining your hair. […]

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