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How to Wear a Headband Wig – The Hottest New Trend

Headband wigs are the hottest new trend and are great any time of the year. What exactly is a headband wig and how do they work you ask? We’ve got the inside scoop and we are here to teach you more about this new craze.  Headband wigs are made using a standard wig cap, human hair extensions, and an adjustable headband that fastens with velcro closure. Headband wigs come with a black headband preattached but can be easily changed by layering another headband or headbands on top.

If you don’t have time to install your lace front or full lace wig or braid your hair for clip-in extensions, a headband wig will become your best friend. The versatility of the headband wig is definitely one of its biggest pluses over other types of wigs because you can place them straight on your head or you can use them as a half-up style which allows some very creative options when styling your hair into different looks! You can wear the front section of your hair in any way you like so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what look you can create with your own hair.

Because our wigs are made of human hair, your wig should be washed and conditioned to extend its life. Our wigs can be curled using rollers or flexy rods using your favorite styling products. Be sure to use a heat protectant prior to using heat styling tools such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons. A light penetrating oil will add shine and reduce damage to hair that is sewn into your wig cap helping it stay soft and smooth to touch!

Wig care involves maintenance to keep them looking new for longer by preventing breakage and splitting which happens naturally over time. These wigs are so versatile that you can wear them every day of the week!

Check out three headband wig styles from CROWNZ below.

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