Here’s Why Microlinks Are Trendy Right Now

Here’s Why Microlinks Are Trendy Right Now

Sew-ins are coming back in style, and microlinks are following closely behind.

Unlike frontals & sew-ins, microlinks are a more natural, lightweight and brainless alternative. This protective style that’s becoming even more popular in the natural hair community adds length and fulness to your hair.

While many hair stylists can do wigs and weaves, microlink extensions are a more specific style that requires training. Thinking of getting microlink extensions installed, here’s everything to know about microlink extensions and caring for them.

What Are Microlinks?

This hairstyle involves attaching individual hair extensions to small sections of your natural hair using small silicon or metal beads.

With this hairstyle, you get an instant hairdo every day without having to sit long hours multiple times for a weave sew-in or frontal installation. […]

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