Lace Tint


Lace Tint

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Introducing CROWNZ Lace Tint – your ultimate lace enhancement solution that goes beyond just matching your lace to your skin tone. With its multifaceted benefits, this innovative product not only seamlessly tints your lace but also conceals knots and grids on your lace closure, frontal, or lace front wig, elevating your overall lace experience to a new level of perfection.

Available in a versatile range of four distinctive colors – brown, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown – CROWNZ Lace Tint offers you the creative freedom to create your own customized shade. These colors can be effortlessly blended together, allowing you to achieve the ideal hue that harmonizes seamlessly with your unique skin tone.

Unlock the full potential of CROWNZ Lace Tint with our simple and effective application directions:

  1. Begin by applying your desired amount of Lace Tint directly onto the lace of your unit, ensuring an even and comprehensive coverage.
  2. Thoroughly blend the product into the lace, to guarantee a smooth and natural transition.
  3. Allow the product to air dry, allowing its transformative magic to take effect.
  4. If necessary, repeat step 2 to gradually build up the tone until you achieve your desired, perfectly matched shade.

With CROWNZ Lace Tint, you can confidently embrace the beauty of lace that seamlessly disappears into your skin, leaving no traces of knots or grids. Elevate your lace game, unlock endless possibilities, and let your true beauty shine through, effortlessly and flawlessly. Experience the difference with CROWNZ Lace Tint – where perfection meets simplicity.

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