Straight Brazilian Blonde Transparent Lace Frontal


Brazilian Blonde Straight Transparent Lace Frontal

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Discover the epitome of elegance with the CROWNZ Straight Brazilian Blonde Transparent Lace Frontal, a true testament to luxury and sophistication. Available in lengths ranging from 16 to 20 inches, this exquisite frontal is crafted from 100% human hair, promising an authentic and captivating appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Our frontal exudes the charm of natural hair, seamlessly blending with your own locks to create the illusion of enhanced length, volume, and thickness. Designed to cover your entire hairline, this frontal offers the versatility of parting from front to back and side to side. Whether you opt for a sew-in style that leaves no hair exposed or prefers the protective embrace of this frontal, the possibilities for creating stunning looks are endless.

Featuring Transparent Lace, this frontal boasts the same texture and thickness as Swiss Lace while offering a see-through quality that ensures a flawless match to any skin tone. Our frontals are meticulously crafted for a thicker, more natural appearance, weighing in at 75 grams to enhance your overall look.

The CROWNZ Blonde Frontal is a testament to professionalism and quality, enabling you to wash, reuse, and style it just like your own natural hair. Embrace a pampering routine with a gentle moisturizing regular shampoo and conditioner, detangling with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb, laying it flat to dry naturally.

This frontal is the perfect companion when paired with our Straight Blonde Hair Extensions, allowing you to curate an exquisite and cohesive look.

Brazilian Blonde Transparent Lace Frontal

  • Hair: Crafted from Virgin Brazilian Human Hair, ensuring top-tier quality and authenticity.
  • Style: Straight Lace Frontal, offering a sleek and versatile foundation for your desired look.
  • Color: Radiant 613 blonde, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.
  • Hair Length: Choose from an impressive range spanning from 16 inches to 20 inches, granting you the flexibility to achieve your preferred style.
  • Weight: Light and comfortable at 2.5 oz, ensuring ease of wear.
  • Weft: Measuring 13 inches by 4 inches, this Lace Frontal provides ample coverage and styling options.
  • Lace: Transparent Lace, offering a seamless and natural match to your skin tone.

Elevate your style with the CROWNZ Straight Brazilian Blonde Transparent Lace Frontal, a true embodiment of grace, versatility, and luxury. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your natural hair or experiment with a new look, this frontal promises to exceed your expectations, leaving you radiating confidence and beauty.

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